Turbine flow meters

TURBOQUANT-R turbine flow meter

The TURBOQUANT type turbine meters – with their electronic signal processing and displaying units – are well proved and widely applicated instruments in industrial flow measurement. These instruments provide reliable, continuous and accurate measurement of the quantity of fluids flowing in closed conduits under pressure. The systems built of the signal processing units attached to them can be used for automatic control and recording of flow, control of batching and proportional mixing etc. The TURBOQUANTturbine meters are built with slide bearings therefore they are applicable for almost any kind of liquids, even for the strongly aggressive ones. Their field of application is widened by the fact that in intrinsically safe construction they can be used in explosive area, too (Figures 4, 5 ), according to the Category 2 of the Application Group II of the related UC Directives of ATEX 94/9.


Robust, contanimation resistant construction.