Measuring transducers and separators









P18, P18L, P18D types: Programable temperature and/or humidity transducer

P19-es type: Temperature and humidity transducer with digital output

P17, P20, P20Z ,P20H, P21Z, P30O, P30U, P12H, P12O, P12P, P41 transducers and programable transducers

P18,P18L,P18Ddata sheet

P19data sheet

P20 Transducer of temperature and standard signals

P17data sheet

P20Z Transducer of RMS current or voltage

P20H Transducer of DC current or voltage

P21Z Transducer of AC current, AC voltage and frequency

P30O Transducer of pulses, frequency, turns

P30U Transducer of temperature and standard signals

P12H DC voltage and DC current transducers

P12O Transducer of impulses, revolutions

P12P Transducer of single-phase network parameters

P41 Programmable transducer of 1-phase