Elements of heating systems

Remote thermometers

This device is adapted for temperature measurements in gaseous or liquid media, in industrial environment. Measurements are based upon thermal dilatation of the filled-in liquid. Areas of application: – small size boilers – hot water storage tanks The copper sensor element makes it unsuitable for measurements in aggressive environment.

Gas valve temperature sensors

Together with the internal elements of the gas valve, these sensors control the gas stream proportionally to the temperature. Temperature range: 10 – 35 °C 40 – 83 °C Areas of application: – gas stream regulation of convectors – gas stream regulation of boilers Trouble-free operation is conditioned by proper heat transfer between the controlled […]

Room temperature controllers

As the room temperature exceeds the set threshold value, the controller switches off the circuit. Switching-on takes place as soon as the room temperature falls below the set threshold value. This way, the room temperature is kept at a pre-selected constant value. The device is adapted for the following functions: temperature regulation: – in rooms, […]