CMM mass flow meter

CMM mass flow sensor that contains the conduit arrangement described above, pipefittings, the driving and oscillation sensing elements, the resistance thermometer Pt100 sensing the temperature of the medium, cable connector, cover and its safety accessories. MSP signal processing unit receiving the signals of the two vibration sensors and the temperature sensor, provides the proper driving […]

Mass flow meter signal processing units

Coriolis mass flow meters consists of two main units: -Sensor built in the pipeline -Electronic unit processing the signals of the sensor C-MASS-021 signal processors are built in wall-mounting box having IP65 protection. The electronic construction enables the user to process measured data by electrical outputs and by a direct link with a computer.   […]

TURBOQUANT-R turbine flow meter

The TURBOQUANT type turbine meters – with their electronic signal processing and displaying units – are well proved and widely applicated instruments in industrial flow measurement. These instruments provide reliable, continuous and accurate measurement of the quantity of fluids flowing in closed conduits under pressure. The systems built of the signal processing units attached to […]

TURBOQUANT-S turbine flow meter

Main industrial application field of turbine meters: in oil and gas industry measurement of crude oil, semi-final and final products of refineries; in chemical industry measurement of paints, lac, solvents and diluents; in machinery, power plants and communal plants measurement of water and fuel; measurement of most different fluids used in pharmaceutical and food industry. […]

TURBOQUANT-P2 turbine flow meter

The Pelton wheel is a water impulse turbine. The Pelton wheel extracts energy from the impulse of moving water, as opposed to its weight like traditional overshot water wheel. Pelton wheels are the preferred turbine for hydro-power, when the available water source has relatively high hydraulic head at low flow rates, where the Pelton wheel […]

Flow meter signal processing unit

TQI-021/1 can be connected to any flowmeter having pulse output. This pulse output can be directly an inductive transducer of a turbine meter, or a pulse output with higher signal level from a preamplifier.

Automatic sampling device: ASZM 500

In various processes in the oil industry, chemical industry etc. it may be necessary to measure or analyze certain parameters of products flowing in pipelines. Connected to the pipeline under pressure the automatic sampling device provided with valve is suitable to sample the product with a frequency proportional to the volumetric flow of the product. […]