Magnetostrictive tank level gauge

This tank level gauge has an excellent accuracy stability and reliability thanks for its unique microcontroller design. Level gauge with two floats is able to measure the interface level between two different denisty fluids eg. between gasoline and water. Inputs and outputs are protected by surge voltage protector diodes.


Portable tank level and temperature gauge

This type is suitable for the following tasks: – measuring ot the liquid level from the upper flank of the tank – measuring of the temperature in different heights – storing of the measuring data in non-volatile memory for downloading in a PC


SEN-TRAN electric liquid level transmitter

The SEN-TRAN electric liquid level transmitter is suitable for the accurate and continous measuring of the fluid depth in tanks and basins operating at atmospheric pressure. The instrument installed in the controlling circle provides a DC signal proportional to the fluid level. The output signal can be used for making indicators, registers, data storages and […]